Kalandurren is an archipelago of verdant, mountainous islands, surrounded by a shining sea. Kalandurren was once a realm of shining castles and gorgeous vistas, but has long since been cast into ruin. Once two great orbs illuminated the realm, the sunlike Orb of Day, suspended above the highest peak of the mountain Aurama, and the moonlike Orb of Night above the highest peak of the mountain Argeno. Now these orbs are blackened and lacking the warmth and light of the sun, Kalandurren is a dark, frigid realm, usually hovering just above freezing temperatures and often blanketed in snow.

Originally, Kalandurren was the dominion of Amoth, a god of mercy and justice. But thousands of years ago, three demon princes, Demogorgon, Orcus, and Rimmon took advantage of a conjunction of the planes to invade Kalandurren and eventually engaged Amoth personally. Amoth slew Rimmon and cut Demogorgon nearly in half, but Orcus eventually felled the god, and took his skull to craft the infamous Wand of Orcus. Weakened by the battle, Orcus could not enjoy his victory for long as he was forced to flee the hosts of Amoth’s vengeful angels.

Rimmon’s remains were interred by Amoth’s remaining angels under a stony barrow known as Rimmon’s Cairn. They layered additional bindings and divine protections over the cairn to contain the archdemon’s essence, which no interlopers since have been able to break, particularly with the angels who still stand vigil over it.

A faction of militant anarchists known as the Doomguard lair in a citadel on Kalandurren known as Citadel Exhalus. The temple of Amoth at Exhalus stood untouched for centuries until the Doomguard came; they razed the temple to the ground, only to find that remnants of countless lifetimes of mercy and justice were embedded in the temple’s walls and released with their destruction, the sensations of righteousness adding an incredible thrill to the acts of violence and destruction.

Further, they discovered that not all of the enchantments of the temple had been undone. One portion of the grand temple was a huge amphitheater designed to host witnesses for trials by combat. These bouts were seen as tests of the combatants dedication and resole, and being on the god’s home plane, were often huge affairs with global import for the future of the religion. As such, they drew massive crowds, necessitating a massive amphitheater. The doomguard also learned that the enchantments of the arena banned the spectators from acts of violence or interference with the bouts, and compelled lawful combatants to fight to the death for their causes. The doomguard chose to exploit this proving ground by rebranding it the God’s Dice Arena, and staging exhibition matches. which at this point are often attended by the demons who still infest the realm as well.

Optional Rule: The Wards of the Arena
Anyone in the arena stands who attempts to make an attack, to take violent action, or to interfere with an arena bout, must first succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw. On a successful saving throw, the attacker acts as normal. On a failure, the attacker is instead paralyzed until the end of its next turn.
Any character of lawful alignment who engages in combat in the arena feels filled with a sense of purpose, duty, and pride, including a moral imperative to win the battle. In order to flee or surrender or otherwise end the fight in any way other than victory or death, such a character must first succeed on a DC 20 Wisdom saving throw. On a success, the character can flee, surrender, accept a draw, or otherwise end the contest. On a failure, the character must take some other course of action, but can attempt the saving throw again on its next turn.
Lawful characters reduced to 0 hit points while on the proving grounds do not fall unconscious; they remain able to move and fight until they die. However, a character that continues to move and fight beyond this point does not become stable, no matter how many death saving throws it succeeds on.

The Islands of Kalandurren
The fragments of planar debris that lodge in the color seas of Kalandurren are often covered in snow and ice. Relatively few of them are inhabited, as most outsiders who visit the realm would go ahead and pass through the color sea to settle in the plane itself. Demons and yugoloths lurk on some of these rocks,
The inhabitants of Kalandurren stage no sort of perimeter defense or police force across the islands; the doomguard are too interested in their citadels within Kalandurren, and the demons and yugoloths are too disorganized.


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