Ethereal Plane

The Ethereal Plane is more or less as described on p. 49 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.

Portals to the Border Ethereal of each Plane is described here:

Ethereal Color Curtains
d20 Plane: Color and Description

1-2 Material Plane Bright turquoise
3-4 Shadowfell Dusky Gray
5-6 Feywild Opalescent White
7 Plane of Air Pale Blue
8 Plane of Earth Reddish Brown
9 Plane of Fire Orange
10 Plane of Water Green
11 Elemental Chaos Swirling Mix of Several Colors
12 Plane of Dust Taupe (light grayish-tan), with swirls of rust and sky blue
13 Plane of Magma Swirls of red-brown and orange, with black flecks
14 Plane of Steam Swirling gray-blue with orange flecks
15 Plane of Ooze Swirling green-brown
16 Plane of Ash Swirling smoky gray and black, with flecks of orange and blue
17 Plane of Ice Pale icy blue with pale green swirls
18 Plane of Wood Vibrant green swirled with golden brown
19 Abyss Black, with swirling, multicolored veins
20 Other Iridescent multicolored swirls, connecting to some other demiplane or planar location.
Note that Ethereal color curtains do not normally connect to the Outer Planes. In order to reach those planes, one must connect through the Astral Plane.

Ethereal Plane

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