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  • Asmodeus

    h3. Lord of the Nine Hells; God of Domination and Tyranny [[File:478008 | class=media-item-align-right | 256x256px | Pic-AsmodeusSymbol.png]] *Alignment:* Lawful Evil *Symbol:* Three triangles in tight formation *Domain:* Trickery, War *Realm:* …

  • Tieflings

    Tieflings represent humans with fiendish heritage, specifically those whose ancestors struck some pact with Asmodeus. By far, the greatest number of tiefling lineages began with the nobility of [[Bael Turath]], but once in a while, human parents will …

  • Nine Hells

    h3. The Nine Hells -- home to [[Asmodeus | Asmodeus]] This is largely similar to the writeup in The Dungeon Master’s Guide. Note that Tiamat does not live here. With the exception of Avernus, each layer of the Nine Hells is connected only to the …

  • Bael Turath

    Bael Turath was one of the first great empires of the world. Ultimately, Bael Turath was corrupted by [[Asmodeus | Asmodeus]], its lords and ladies transformed into [[Tieflings | Tieflings]]. The capital city of Bael Turath was [[Vor Kragal]].

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