Kobolds of the Forbidden Forest

Reclusive draconic tricksters


94140G.jpeg The Forbidden Forest is thus named for the presence of the kobolds; centuries ago this stretch of woods had a different name, and in fact was a part of the ancient eladrin empire and the original city of Alhadra. When that empire fell, much of it was overgrown. Later, a green dragon emerged, though it is unclear what if any role the dragon Azzerdagix had in the fall of ancient Alhadra.

When the dragon was slain centuries ago, the city also struck an accord of peace with its kobold servants. Among the concessions was that the kobolds’ villages were to be left undisturbed, even their locations kept secret. Thus, massive portions of the woods were declared off-limits by the Baron of that time.

Anyone caught in the forbidden portions of the forest without some kind of writ of passage from the kobold elder (currently Frido) is subject to kobold “justice.” The penalty for trespass is capture and imprisonment. Such captives are usually eventually ransomed back to the city or to other interested parties, but the kobolds are also known to set vicious traps, and sometimes people just vanish into the woods, never to be seen again…

kobold2.jpg Recently this truce was violated during the Gulthias Tree incident, when displaced kobolds began raiding frontier farms for supplies. Though this was typically petty theft (a hen here, some linens from a drying line there), the kobolds defended themselves with force whenever anyone sought to apprehend them. Since being returned to their village by the heroic efforts of Ashe and Cornelius, the kobolds have been negotiating for a resumption of the treaty.

Kobolds of the Forbidden Forest

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