Pact Negotiator


1b630fc2ed02ca37b639cc0a6c287f95.jpgDemisexagon is the demon who brokered Cornelius’ demonic pact. When the pact was forged, Cornelius only saw a shadow on a wall and heard a guttural voice. Only when he slept on defiled ground was he visited ina dream by the demon and realized that it is a glabrezu, a type of demon that often tempts mortals with offers of power.

Thus far, Demisexagon has not made any real demands of Cornelius, no blood sacrifices or acts of obeisance. Instead, it had only exhorted him to further seek out forbidden and mysterious lore, and to delve deeper into the mysterious history of Alhadra.

Cornelius’ research has indicated that Demisexagon is a trusted servant of the demon prince Graz’zt.


A glabrezu takes great pleasure in destroying mortals through temptation, and these creatures are among the few demons to offer their service to creatures foolish enough to summon them.

Although glabrezus are devastating in combat, they prefer to tempt victims into ruin, using power or wealth as a lure. Engaging in guile, trickery, and evil bargains, a glabrezu hoards riches that it uses to fulfill promises to shortsighted mortals. However, if its attempts to entice or deceive fail, a glabrezu has the strength to fight and win.


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