Out With the Old

Journey to Glamis

It's not just Alhadra that has problems

After handling the The Gulthias Tree Incident, including proffering an incredibly convincing report that continued trade with and tolerance of the kobolds would be vastly to the city’s advantage, into the hands of Lady Fieron, our heroes Ashe and Cornelius elect to travel north into the The Duchy of Glamis to find the lair of the green hag, Lettie Worm-Fingers. The journey includes several chance encounters.

The first is an encounter with a group of merchants headed toward Alhadra, who warn that though the roads are generally safe, several travelers have gone missing in this area of late. They’re otherwise nice enough and send our heroes on their way. But during that encounter, Cornelius happened to catch the eye of the caravan master, Rorchard. The older-half-elf found himself quite taken with the scholarly warlock, and Cornelius was surprised to note that the feeling was mutual.

What began as a night of passion and comfort flourished into a promise of patronage for the merchant if he would stay in the city and help manage the mercantile side of Cornelius’ archaeological expeditions. Before either of them had time to think about it, they had a relationship of both business and pleasure, plus a great deal of affection and respect, at least from Rorchard.

Our heroes continued north only to rest at the grove of a druid who was quickly revealed to be a sand bride. After an intense battle, the heroes scattered her mephit minions and blasted her into a statue of glass. They then did a quick search for the bodies of her other victims, aided by the efforts of band of pixies. Upon hearing of their quest to destroy the vile hag, the pixies offered assistance in the form of a vial of refined snake venom.

Sleeping on the defiled ground of the sand bride’s lair, Cornelius received a dream-message from his demonic patron, Demisexagon. The demon seemed delighted by the direction of Cornelius’ research, admonishing him not to get distracted from investigating the ruins, and to look deeper into the magical practices of the ancient fae of Alhadra.

Then the heroes pressed on, finding their way to the city of Glamis, where they found propaganda campaigns vilifying the wood elves as inbred, baby-raping yokels and pretenders to the grace and nobility of the high elves. They acquire the research they need about the Alhadran magical practices, local geneology, and other issues, and after renting accommodations at the Chastised Unicorn, they resolve to get out of the city, dispatch the hag, and return to Alhadra with alacrity.



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